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Overview of microRNA Target Analysis Tools

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 3 ]


Panteleimon Zotos, Maria G. Roubelakis, Nicholas P. Anagnou and Sophia Kossida   Pages 310 - 323 ( 14 )


microRNA (miRNA) target prediction plays an important role in studying the post-transcriptional regulation by miRNAs. Numerous target prediction tools have been utilized in several research approaches for in silico analysis.This type of analysis provides the initial step for further experimental validation in biological systems in order to complete the target validation.In this review, we summarize the computational tools based on a single method for miRNA target prediction (single algorithm tools) and also the comparative target prediction tools, utilized in several research approaches for in silico analysis. Comparative target prediction tools have provided a novel methodology for miRNA target prediction by reducing the number of false positives. Such tools are combining results from multiple single algorithm tools, facilitating, in this way, the reduction of the false positive results and providing a more accurate prediction. The main goal of this review is to summarize the available literature on the miRNA target prediction algorithms and tools in an extensive manner.


Bioinformatics, computational target prediction tools, miRNAs, target prediction, Watson-Crick, biological systems, primary miRNA, sequence complementarity, thermodynamic stability, filtering.


Bioinformatics & Medical Informatics Team, Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, Soranou Efesiou 4, 11527, Athens, Greece.

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